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CiderCulture Cider Loves Food Sushi and Japanese Food | サイダーカルチャーサイダーは食べ物寿司と和食を愛する | シードル

inCiderJapan magazine publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Lee Reeve, is quoted in the online article
Cider Loves Food: Sushi and Japanese Food” by Meredith Collins at

“What’s exciting about pairing ciders with Japanese food is much of the cuisine here is regional, so there’s always something new to find and try. Recently, I discovered a local pickled dish that pairs amazingly with dry ciders. Also, wasabi-complimented vegetables go great with other ciders. What I try to look for are very simple dishes or foods that might seem unimpressive, and then bring them to everyone’s attention with cider. Conversely, most Japanese ciders tend to be extremely dry with little apple character, so I also look for Japanese ingredients that complement or contrast with heavier apple-body ciders.”

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