Cider in Japan | The Seeds of Japanese Cidre – Part 3

Apples | りんご | 林檎

The following is an excerpt from an article that was originally published in Issue 4 of inCiderJapan magazine.

Japan is home to over 2000 varieties of apples and, over the last two issues, we have looked at a handful of them. In this, the final installment of this series, we’ll share with you a selection that you may be able to currently find on the shelves of your local supermarket – and hope we’ve piqued your interest to discover more on your own.

Alps Otome (meaning “Alps little girl”) is one of the cutest varieties you may run into, a tiny (less than 5cm wide) deep red apple that inherits some of its flavors from its parent – the well-known Fuji – while having a slightly more tannic bite. It is sometimes used to make candied apples.

Akibae (meaning “autumn scenery”) is also a very popular eating cultivar, not only for its generous curves and beautiful dark red colour but also due to its outstanding and complex flavor profile. Having said that, like most good-looking fruit varieties in Japan, Akibae is often sold at a premium price.

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