inCiderJapan G.K. and Authentic Cider Announce Strategic Partnership for British Ciders in Japan

inCiderJapan & Authentic Cider Partnership

inCiderJapan G.K. and Authentic Cider have announced a strategic partnership to help Japanese consumers get access to fine British cider.

inCiderJapan has a unique understanding of the Japanese cider market and wide-reaching connections to consumers and their growing appetite for international ciders. Authentic Cider combines Asian distribution experience with strong connections to English and Welsh cider makers. Their partnership creates an exceptional go-to channel for the best of British cider in Japan.

The cider industry is undergoing a renaissance globally and demand for cider in the Asia-Pacific region is projected at 6.5% CAGR through to 2024. In Japan and across Asia, consumers are demanding high-quality artisan cider with excellent provenance and good credentials. People are discovering cider for the first time and learning that it is a drink with rich tradition and heritage but also one with thoroughly modern twists.

Many of the world’s finest ciders are produced in the UK by makers who are driving the growth of both traditional and more contemporary interpretations of classic ciders. Today’s British cider includes méthode champenoise cider, pétillant naturel and other ‘natural’ ciders as well as ice cider, innovative co-ferments with beer makers and wine cross-overs. The UK is also home to the world’s most important perry makers.

By partnering with Authentic Cider, inCiderJapan creates a solid link with UK cider makers as well as builds a bridge between said makers and Japanese consumers. As cider specialists, inCiderJapan and Authentic Cider have a shared goal to educate people about cider and help them understand this distinctly special drink.

“Cider in Japan has so much potential. You’ve got a market of younger people who could be interested in drinking it because the older generation doesn’t. You have women, the health angle, the vegetarian/vegan aspect of apples, and it’s gluten-free too. You also have craft beer drinkers who want something new.” – Lee Reeve (Owner-operator, inCiderJapan)

“We’ve been successful in opening up new markets to cider makers in Hong Kong and educating Asian consumers about the delights of artisan cider from the UK. Many drinkers have heard about cider and are keen to learn about proper artisan cider and to try all the different types – there’s so much diversity. It is fantastic to be able to bring this to Japanese consumers too.” – Jeremy Stunt, accredited pommelier (cider sommelier) and founder of Authentic Cider who specialises in exporting English and Welsh cider to Asian markets.

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