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inCiderJapan G.K. is a marketing & promotion creative consulting company, internationally recognized for publishing inCiderJapan, Asia’s first and only bilingual magazine dedicated to all things cider. We are also an importer, distributor, and retailer as well as maker of cider & cider-related goods.

inCiderJapan is a free magazine published four times a year and is distributed at locations all across Japan and also at select locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia, and Europe. For advertising or distribution information, contact the publisher.

  1. To educate and inform those in Japan about cider: what it is, its history, how it’s made, who makes it and where, and where cider can be purchased and enjoyed in Japan and around the world.
  2. To accurately report to all on the state and future of Japan’s apple and cider industries.
  3. To positively support, advance, and improve the promotion and popularity of cider both domestically and internationally.

inCiderJapan actively

  1.  Engages with the general public, consumers, and local businesses through monthly events including tastings, pairings, educational seminars, and workshops.
  2.  Interfaces with domestic and international orchardists, cideries and cidermakers, as well as others in the agricultural and food & beverage industries to share information.
  3.  Cooperates as a participating member with a number of cider-related organizations including the Japan Cider Master Association (JCMA) and American Cider Association (ACA).

Our Services Include

  • Branding & Brand Identity

    We help businesses create, recreate, and populate their brands and can do the same for you. We also represent companies and their products as brand ambassadors, connecting them with consumers in Japan.

  • Event Planning & Management

    Whether small or large, intimate or public, let us organize and coordinate your next event. We know how to draw people in, pull them together, and leave them with a memorable experience that will also reward you.

  • Marketing & Promotion

    Give us something. Anything. Tell us what your expectations are and we'll exceed them. Using our years of experience, extensive networks, and social media influence, we can make you a hit with your target audience.

International Cidermakers and Cideries

We also provide uniquely special services for members of the cider and food & beverage industry. Among them: personalized tours, trade introductions, market research and consumer data explorations, product reviews and appraisals, partner searches, and a whole lot more. Contact us for details.

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